2023 ATX Boats 24 Type-sLARGE AND IN CHARGE.Large, bold, capable, and comfortable, the ATX 24 Type-S turns heads, gives you more value, and unleashes some serious swells.When you’re ready to catch the perfect wave, just push GO and you’ll get barrels right out of the box. Versatility and simplicity are built right into its core thanks to the patented Convex V Hull, TAPS 3T, and over 3,500 lbs of ballast. 3T meaning 3 TONS of pressure, and the software behind the machine will dial in your boat for you. Say goodbye to complicated instructions, confusing setups, and moving people around. Your day will be epic and easy.Sit back and soak up the sun with the built-in transom seating, standard reversible seats, and drop-in cockpit, and sunpad seatbacks—all of which are unprecedented in the value segment.Features may include:TYPE-E POWERED TOWERThe first and only electric tower in its class, the Type-E Tower has simplicity at its core, giving you the most convenient and adaptable tower on the water.CONVEX V HULLThe patented Convex V Hull allows ATX to produce a wake superior to all other inboards.TAPS 3TJust push ‘GO’ and TAPS 3T will show you a new level of surf and wake performance.ATXPERIENCE CONTROL CENTERThe 7" touch screen and control center give you full control over your boat and your day.WET SOUNDS AUDIO SYSTEMSTurn up the tunes and let the good times roll with our premium Wet Sounds audio system.RAPTOR SERIES BY INDMARThe perfect balance of torque and a smooth, relaxed ride no matter how hard you push it.

Mileage: 0

2023 ATX Surf Boat 24 Type-S

For Sale: $129,898
Year: 2023
Make: ATX Surf Boat
Model: 24 Type-S
Condition: New
Mileage: 0
Vehicle Type: Boat
Category: Wakeboard
VIN: TIX0653ED323
Stock No: ATX3ED323